What is the best way to study?

If you are preparing for a competitive exams like JEE or NEET then your way of doing self study matters a
lot. Many students fail in getting a seat in their dream College in spite of getting a good coaching classes
because they do not follow the right way of doing self study. Here we are sharing few tips which we will
really help you a lot while preparing for your examination.

  1. If you don’t want to study a lot in your home then do focus in your class
    Many students do not pay attention while the lectures are delivered in the class just because of this they
    lack concept clarity. They take more time in understanding them through reading the books and also
    they consume more time while doing the homework problems. If a student is well attentive in the class
    then he not only saves his time in the home study but also able to solve the homework problems in
    lesser time. They utilize the remaining time for revision or more problem solving.
  2. Solution to all of your problems exist in your class notes
    Your class notes which you make are the best part of your preparation. You should go through it first.
    Take a quick review of all the concepts taught in that day, note down all important formula and key
    concepts in a separate formula or short note copy. You should also reattempt all those problems which
    were taken in the class, hide the solution part while reattempting them. When you have solved the
    class problems, then match your solution with the solution available in your class notes. Try to figure
    out the mistakes if you have made any and work on them also if you find any difficulty in understanding
    the concepts consult your teacher immediately the next day .
  3. Be time specific in solving problems at home
    While solving problems at home always try to be time specific and have a feel of the real exam. The
    time crunch we face in exams is mainly because of the lack of time bounded practice. JEE or NEET is a
    time crucial examination and one always needs time management capability to crack these exams.
    Solving DPPs, modules in a time bounded manner will help you to develop that time management
    strategy for the final exam and help you to tackle the time crunch in the final exam. After the end of
    the allotted time now work on those questions, which you were not able to solve. This time you can
    spend more time on these problems.
  4. Make time for revision
    Many students lost all of their time in doing the current day homework and many of them are still not
    able to finish them. So where is the time for revision? Without proper revision routine, you will not be
    able to achieve good results. Remember the number of times you revise a topic, your confidence in that
    particular topic also gets multiplied by that number of times. We will share the best revision strategy in
    a separate blog.
  5. Give your best in the test
    When you appear in a test conducted by your coaching institute or any other platform, take it as
    seriously as the main exam which you will face. Give your 100% in all these test. After a test is over,
    analyze your mistakes, consult with your teacher and work on them to progress. Remember mistakes
    are not bad if you learn from them and pledge yourself not to repeat them. This attitude will always
    push you towards achieving the best.